This electronic poem and the Handshake top level domain that it sits on (.whisk) are for sale.

Common browsers do not yet support Handshake domains. While we’re waiting for browsers to catch-up, the easiest way to access Handshake names with your current browser is to use Fingertip; alternatively, download the Beacon browser.

You will receive:
1. The Verisart certificate of authenticity for the art
2. The top level domain name .whisk

After purchase you are free to re-sell either the domain or the art at any price you wish.

Contact me to make an offer or for more information, or make an offer directly on Namebase (you’ll need to send me proof of purchase for the transfer of the Verisart certificate). I can receive payment in UK pounds, US dollars, Euros, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Handshake (HNS).

What are top level domains?

Like .com or .org, you can use a top-level domain (TLD) yourself, or create or rent subdomains (subdomain.yourdomainname). Once purchased there is no yearly renewal fee, and ownership is fully decentralized on the blockchain. You control your own name and get to keep it forever as long as you maintain control of your private key.

Handshake aims to replace ICANN’s role as the central authority for creating and issuing top-level domains. For more information see Namebase’s FAQs.